तुमसे दूर रहने की,
सजा दी है मैंने खुद को,
सब के साथ रहते हुए भी,
अकेला किया मैंने खुद को।

अपने अश्रुओं से सिंचकर,
कठोर किया हैं मैंने अपने खुद को,
जैसे कोई दीवार बनाते समय,
पानी से भिगोते है हम लोग।

तुम्हें लगेगा मैं भूल गया,
सारे बंधन पीछे छूट गया,
पर भूलने की जगह पे,
मैंने खुद को सिर्फ़ चुप कर लिया।

कुणाल कुमार

Some Time

Sometime in life,
We take ourself for granted,
What is easily available,
We do not ever accept it.

Probably this is our nature,
To look for toughest things,
That is the one of the reason,
We forget those who are near we.

There are limit,
To wait for anything,
All has right,
To evaluate alternatives.

But see how much I feel,
As still I am looking for your feelings,
But I know you will again ignore me,
Because your emotions are not for me.

Kunal Kumar


Hello my dear,
Why should I have a fear,
I always feel you in me,
Even though you are not near.

All i know this,
that our relationship is not selfish,
I do have feeling for you,
But i refrain in telling this to you.

I will not say anything to you,
And will keep my all feelings in me,
As I have a very bad fear,
Since I cannot afford to have loosing tear.