मतलब की जोड़…

रिश्ते की डोर में बांध उन्हें,
सम्भाल रखा था अपने दिल के क़रीब,
पर मुझे क्या पता था इस डोर में,
बंधी थी वो अपने मतलब की जोड़ से।

हर रिश्ते की अपनी ही कहानी,
थोड़ी खट्टी मीठी, थोड़ी नई पुरानी,
पर नहीं दिखता है यहाँ कोड़ी सच्चाई,
क्योंकि यहाँ भी दिखता है मतलब की परछाई।

शायद ही वो समझ सके,
निश्चल प्यार कि परिभाषा खुद से,
प्यार करने की ईक्षा है उनके दिल में,
पर खुद को बांध रखी है मतलब की जोड़ से।

कुणाल कुमार

Thanks God…

Thanks God,
I found real me,
In past Lost I was lost in dream,
But now I awoke from this dream.

Now I understood,
Why you do not love me,
As you liked to be loved by me,
But do not have courage to love back me.

Thanks God,
For waking me from dream,
If you do love me,
Then dare to accept me.

Kunal Kumar

Me …

When I see the world,
I see the beauty all around,
Is it the beauty present outside,
Or the beauty is present inside me.

When thy apathy grows for me,
I see the beauty which is stored for me,
Is this what my eyes can see,
Or its your perception stored inside me.

I keep rebooting myself as a daily routine,
Ignore bad feelings and try to see happy things,
Always thinking positive and happy thing,
If you belive it or not, but it’s real me.

Kunal Kumar

Best Of Luck…

It is always better to say Good Bye,
Wish them Best of luck for whom you once cried,
Rather than staying together soar life,
Where having no feeling of love for thy.

Do always wish good for them,
Even though if you feel getting used by them,
Because if they will be happy in life,
You will never be in ennui and state of cry.

Why to carry the spoilt part of your life,
Where no respect and fear stored for thy,
As one fine day all has to go,
So accept life with all happiness minus cry.

Kunal Kunar