Sweet Dream

I just had a sweet lovely dream,
I saw your charm at it’s extreme,
I am so happy to see you as mine,
In my dream you do what I want,

I was living my dream to it’s fullest,
Enjoying each moment as its real,
But after all it was one of my dream,
And I have to face real world reality,

This is what differs dream vs reality,
All in this world  is in temporary phase,
Reality is cruel and will keep you away,
But it will be over and you’ll be my dream queen,

I believe one day you will have feeling,
Also you will be mine in your reality,
You will accept me as your only love,
And I will hide you in my arm forever,

I live with this hope in real world,
One day you will surely accept me,
Hold me and say its not your dream,
People will say Amen to my sweet reality.


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