Work from home

Here Office says you stay at home,
Government proposes janta curfew,
Somebody listens what I want to say,
By self control we can defeat viruses.

This is not a vacation or holiday,
Be available for the work all day,
Even though it is called work from home,
One has to work more not holiday at home,

There are few people who can always says,
As I do not have work so why not holiday,
Guys its you who can define your own work,
Also guide your superiors what is best way,

There are many  things all can do at home,
Define policies and work over best practices,
So please do not give such excuses any more,
Please define your work and forget holidaying.

If you fail to do work when you are at home,
Means your mind is in very confused stage here,
Forget whom I am explaining the meaning of work,
What to do with people who wants professional suicide.


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