TwiLife story series..

Further to continue I would like you all to understand that the stories in my series are inspired by true events, but with changed names. Now here I would like to tell you all about story of someone who is very close to me. He is inspiration to me in may ways.

“This is the story of Ayush, who is my child hood school friend. We both have gone school, college and done our graduation togather. Ayush from childhood was quiet introvert but was open to me as he was my best friend. His  early day was full of disturbance, but one best thing i liked bout him is that he was fighter. However the worse  situation he gets into he always manages to survive and come out of it like a winner. Let me tell you about his early childhood. He was very happy and good studious student. but one fine day he stopped coming to office. it happened for days and then weeks. Lastly i decided to visit his house to know his whereabout. Luckily we were at small town and his house was not far from mine. I went to his house, and found him smiling but lying on his bed. I asked aunty to know what happened to him. Aunty told me that he has medical issue hence advised by doctors to take bed rest for 100 days and he has to take daily one shot of injections daily. Even knowing all I can see his eagerness in hi s eyes for early recovery and can see the books lying which makes me think that he does study at home as well. How much difficulties he must be facing which I only can understand as his close friend. Anyway slowly time passed and keep frequently visiting to his place, and always find him in same happy mood. In-fact he had taken life as a challenge and come back to main stream of life with this setback. This has been noticed by me that every time he has the trouble he faced it confidence and come back to the main stream of life. As we grow older he seems to be more confident towards the life. 

Many mishaps happened with him during course of his life and being his close friend I have witnessed how best he has managed his mishaps and never let himself down with it. For me he was the example man who taught me how to handle difficult situations life throws on you. I still remember many setbacks he has undergone and few were the worst and anyone with normal attitude would have not survived. 

Like when he was almost at the age of 13 he was being mentally abused, and he has undergone the pain without uttering the single word. I came to know as I was his best friend but could not be in position to help him as well. He had undergone this pain for almost 2 years and lastly but luckily the guy involved in his torture were transferred and he got rescued from his bad intention grasp. he has undergone all pain without uttering a word and loosing his hope for life. I salute his approach for life.

Again when he was around 15 or 16 years of age and his bad luck stroked again. He got down again due to health reason. He got suffered from bell’s palsy. His look was impacted and i can understand his pain as at the peak of his youth he has to quarantine himself from his friends especially girls. But he has taken this in right spirit and changed his approach towards life and used his time mainly in studies and has done dual PG. Also he recovered 100% from this setback and come back to normal life.

In year 2018 he again got down due to brain stroke but bounced back to normal life  in couple of months time. Such was his spirit and I salute his love towards the life.

My intention here to discuss about my friend life is not to illustrate here as a story. My intention here is to tell all that      how to take life positively. In spite of so many difficulties I can appreciate his outlook towards life. He is living example for me to see how one can take his life in right spirit even there are many difficulties life throws during it’s course. Be confident towards your willingness to live life with its fullest. 

I still remember once he said, life without struggle is nothing and even animal lives life as well with lots of struggle.So being human how can we run away from difficulties. 

Another short story will follow soon, keep reading my blog to get update about next story upcoming edition…. K.K

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