Women’s Day

Importance of women in life starts from the day your soul gets conceived. Your first place to live in this world is nowhere but women womb and that too for 9 months. After that as you grow in your life, women have major role  towards your brighter future.

All I can say that from Mom, Nanny, Maids or teachers everywhere women plays major role in society development.

Now let me tell you a very special women of my life, and its you if you are reading this message. I learnt the happiness from you which was key for survival. I was real emotionless till I met you. In a shorter time frame you have given me all happinesses. But how can life be complete without pain. Being very special women of my life you moves away leaving me to feel pain as well. All other women can either give happiness or pain, but special one can give both and you are the very special one, close to my soul.

Wish you all Happy Women’s Day. I have many things to write but cannot put all my feelings in this short message. Rest I left on you to feel from your soul as a homework.


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