Brain Storming..

Once I thought, why God has put feelings in me,
For someone whom I care, does not have feelings for me,
Does my love for her  is only my imagination, 
Or it is as real as world where people have no fear,

But as God made this world, with no space of fear,
Oh my dear all my love for you is beyond any external fear,
I do not care if you ever loves me,
I will always love you forgetting all fear.

Do accept me or excuse me from your life,
But remember I will keep loving you all the time,
I know your decisions are based upon your practical experience,
But I am emotional guy, who believes in theory rather than any practical situation,

Do love me and make me your life,
Or kick me as usual away from your life,
Let me know If you want to accept me,
I will be very happy to make you as my wife,

My brain storming results into no result,
As Sometime I feel your love, sometimes it is like myth,
Can you help me to understand me as it is,
By forgetting all fear and keep our love intact.

Kunal  Kumar

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