तुम मुझे प्यार ना करोये हो सकता है मंज़ूर मुझे,
मगर अपनी जगह किसी और को दो ये नहीं मंज़ूर मुझे,

ये तुम्हारी भूल हैजो सोचती हो किसीको  दूँ जगह तेरी,
तेरी जगह कहा छपी हैये पूछ मेरे बेचारे दिल से इक बार,

फिर ना कहना और इक बारमैं नहीं सह सकता तेरा ये वार,
जो करोगी तुम मेरे साथलिखेगी हमारी की नयी तक़दीर,

क्या करूँ मजबूर हूँ, मेरे अपने दिल के हाथ,
नहीं तो सजा देता, जो तुम ना भूल पाती कभी.


15 thoughts on “प्यार

  1. This and its simplicity is beautiful … can you help me understand word by word with the English text?
    For example क्या करूँ मजबूर हूँ, मेरे अपने दिल के हाथ in English how’s it going? Word by word, please ..
    Today the email I wrote to you came back

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      • Respect for languages and the great fear (or rather the certainty) of betraying the meaning of your poetry have hitherto prevented me from creating an editing for you. I do not forget the damage done by English colonialism to your land and your people, so I cannot forget therefore even if it will cost me a lot I prefer to use your language and not that of the rulers.
        I’ll write to you soon, thanks

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    • क्या करूँ मजबूर हूँ, मेरे अपने दिल के हाथ,
      नहीं यो सजा देता, जो तुम ना भूल पाती कभी. 
      Am helpless as my heart does not agree 
      Else would have chastened you
      In an unforgettable way.

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      • Hi,
        Apology for typo, corrected one is as below:

        क्या करूँ मजबूर हूँ, मेरे अपने दिल के हाथ,
        नहीं तो सजा देता, जो तुम ना भूल पाती कभी.
        Here I mean to say..
        What to do I am helpless, form my heart,
        Or else would have punished you for what you did to me … But as my heart cries for her, punishing her here means that I will try to forget her..

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    • beautiful flowers, two lines for this
      Life will be beautiful, when you open your heart to see the beauty,
      But what to do, my heart has been stolen by someone who claims to care for me.

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  2. Love is terrible..I know from experience when the beloved or loved one moves away you feel you are being ripped open inside.
    Now I have to cook.
    But by evening I am writing to you and you will help me understand your language a little bit so that I can use it in creating a video for you. Every time I measure myself with a new montage it must be more difficult than the previous one: using your language for it is tiring but a fabulous creation will come out, I know!!

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