What to do next..

I am confused  from my life,
I do not know why but I want to cry,
As I love my life as I do breath,
But like a stone she does not respond,

I do believe in my Love,
Care her from my inner soul,
But I  do  not know why,
I am not her first choice,

Sometimes I feel her love for me,
Her care for me always touches me,
But every time I try to make her my life,
She fails to respond by shying away,

I am confused from her way,
Is she loves me or this is her way,
To avoid my feelings she turns away,
I do not know what to do next,

But one thing is for sure,
I thanks her for all,
For all the feelings I felt for her,
I will keep her loving in my way,

Let her be happy in her way,
My acre for her will always stay,
Today onwards I will try all my best,
Not to bother her at least for my love.


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