Love – twinkle of my life

I see you I find you as my love like a star,
I feel your smile makes twinkles in my eyes,
Twinkle makes constellation of my love life,
Love is like oasis for thirsty in desert night,

Life  revolves around love like a lunar cycle, 
Thought of yours makes me always fresh,
Without you I feel to hide like a desert mole,
When you near my heart dances like peacock in rain,

When I see stars in the sky, 
I see you my love always smile,
It is you who prefers to leave so far,
For me you are just a breath away,

My life was like a moonless night,
My sorrows were putting my life in black hole,
The I find uncanny turn in my life,
My fate met you on the fly,

Ah.. all of a sudden I lost my breath,
When I feel inner beauty of yours,
Thank you for guiding my purpose of life,
Like a polar star to the traveller passes by,

I know one day you will leave me alone,
As you will move on to guide someone naive,
Trust me I will always keep my words,
I will portray  live happily without my life.


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